emap sound analysis

Analysis and Transcription of Speech and Music on a PC with Windows9x/NT/2000/XP®


The philosophy of emap sound analysis is to analyze sound examples (from seconds to hours in duration) for transcription or measurement with special functions for musicological questions. The signal should be represented in a graphical, acoustical and numerical or musical form. On all analysis levels it is possible to select a position or a part of the last view to look into the signal like a microscope or macroscope. All parameters are fully controlled for resolution and representation.

  • emap sound analysis is hardware independent (all Windows® compatible Soundcards)
  • extremely fast and precise in computing (optimized for FPU)
  • WAV, AIF, AU and free sound file formats from 8 to 32bit
  • graphics to printer, BMP files or clipboard
  • intuitive and easy to handle

emap sound analysis is running on many scientific departments and studios all over the world!

All programs are free for one month‘s evaluation

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