EmapSon combines the functionality of a spectrograph with the interactivity and flexibility of a modern PC system.
EmapSon can be used as an acoustic microscope or macroscope.
EmapSon is easy to handle, extremely fast and precise in calculations.
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Control of Sounds
Sounds are controlled simultaneously in graphical, acoustical and numerical form. Sound File Formats WAV, AIFF, SND/AU files from 8 to 24 bit with no channel limits are supported. All other formats can be defined.
All parameters are independent for any analysis window. Many parameters may also be set automatically.
Range of Analysis
The range of analysis may be defined in a dialog or simlpy with the mouse.
Graphics & Data Export
The graphics of an analysis window may be sent either to a printer in high resolution or stored on the clipboard or BMP-files for further work. Results can be stored in TXT or XLS data format including analysis parameters.
Methods of Analysis & graphical representations
HeadView Overview of the active sound file as a waveform or RMS
Sonagram combined with RMS
FFT single or averaged with various windows, optional cepstral smoothed, combined with Waveform
Data Display Output of numerical results
Project Tree Explorer for all open sound files and analysis windows
  LPC and F0-algorithms are in preparation
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